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Pre-conference: Wednesday, 21 Sept. 09:00

Architecting Information Like Richard Saul Wurman and Christopher Alexander

by Dan Klyn

2 × 3½ hours workshop
A workshop in two parts, for the benefit of the Information Architecture Institute.

Registration opens week of July 25, 2016

€ 300 full day
€ 150 half day

Discount for EuroIA attendees:
€ 200 full day
€ 100 half day

Information Architecture
Physical Architecture

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For the benefit of the Information Architecture Institute, a two part workshop where you'll learn how to use the ideas of Richard Saul Wurman and Christopher Alexander to design better experiences for people.

A fine way to kick-start your week in Amsterdam for the marvelous EuroIA conference. Take one or both parts of the workshop, and come away with the signature tools and techniques of these two pioneering architects.

Morning: Richard Saul Wurman

What does Richard Saul Wurman know and do that people working in digital today would benefit from knowing and learning how to do? Dan Klyn has spent thousands of hours researching and more than 100 hours talking with Mr. Wurman, and will present a morning session around techniques from Mr. Wurman's work that designers can use right away to make the complex clear. The format for instruction combines three short and richly-illustrated interpretive lectures with three hands-on activities.

In addition to inventing the TED conference and designing hundreds of other gatherings, Mr. Wurman has written and designed more than 100 books. Klyn will be bringing a wide array of artifacts and ephemera from more than 50 years of RSW's work in information architecture for attendees to examine on the morning's journey toward better understanding and application of the work of the original information architect.

In this session you'll get hands-on with:

  • LATCH as a generative framework for finding "the way in" to problems with meaning and structure
  • "Performance Components" approach to stakeholder alignment, strategic planning and design
  • Apperception as a theoretical basis for content and experience strategy

Afternoon: Christopher Alexander

There is no single architect whose work has been ​referenced so much, and yet (Klyn contents) understood and applied so poorly in digital than the work of Christopher Alexander. The mappings that have been made into his work from software and web development tend to be focused just two of his books from the 1970s, whose fundamental concepts have been hugely and magnificently questioned, tested, and expanded in the intervening decades. The afternoon session in Amsterdam draws primarily from Alexander's magnum opus, The Nature of Order (2002) and from his last book The Battle for the Life and Beauty of the Earth (2012). Together, we'll learn about fifteen properties of geometric space that Alexander's work has demonstrated to be present within and essential to the creation of living structure.

Based on hundreds of hours of research and many hours in conversation with Mr. Alexander's colleagues, Klyn will pair short interpretive lectures with a hands-on activity and presentation of a case study toward the goal of equipping attendees with the ability to understand what Alexander's work is about, some key objections to it, and most importantly: how to use the fifteen geometric properties in the spaces where digital products and services are situated.

In a combination of seminar-style conversation huddles and hands-on activities, you'll be guided into:

  • The order of space: as contrasted with the order of bits
  • Describing the problem/solution ecologies of complex information spaces using patterns from A Pattern Language
  • Understanding and applying Alexander's fifteen geometric properties of wholeness to information architecture and interface design

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The venue for the workshops is just across the canal from the official EuroIA venue. All proceeds go directly into IAI initiatives like World IA Day and mentorship. If you have questions, please email Dan at


About Dan Klyn


Dan Klyn is an information architect from Grand Rapids, Michigan and is co-founder of The Understanding Group (TUG). He’s interested in planning, strategy and architecture for places made of information, likes coffee an awful lot, and teaches information architecture at the University of Michigan School of Information. In April 2016, Klyn began serving a 2-year term as President of the IA Institute.


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